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The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) held its annual Congress May 18-19th in Orlando, FL. For all those involved in creating positive change in the various areas of patient safety this was the place to be in May, as a number of leading voices in patient advocacy were present, teaching attendees new and better methods of solving the challenges related to the safe care of their patients. One such method, using teaching tools that leave a lasting impression on the providers, students and administrators who access them, was demonstrated in a plenary session on the last day of the conference.

On May 18th, David Mayer MD, a global thought leader in full disclosure and transparency related to medical error, hosted a special screening of the award-winning film, Faces of Medical Error…From Tears to Transparency: The Story of Lewis Blackman, during the final plenary session. The film is the first in a series of educational films dedicated to managing medical error through open and honest communication produced by Dr. Mayer and Dr. Tim McDonald through their organization, Transparent Health. All films in the series will be built upon a patient’s story and use the National Quality Forum Safe Practices as the foundation for demonstrating not just where things went wrong in the system providing the care, but where to begin to ensure a similar error does not happen again.

Lewis Blackman’s mother, Helen Haskell, was also on hand to answer questions after the showing of the film, along with author, patient advocate and film participant, Rosemary Gibson. The audience greeted Helen with a warm, standing ovation and praise for sharing her own family’s tragic story in hopes that others may not have to experience similar grief. Dr. Mayer then shared how the film has already been utilized in hospitals around the world as a pivotal tool in patient safety curriculums, teaching caregivers and administrators that the best approach in dealing with medical error, for caregivers and patients alike, is through transparency and full disclosure.

To learn more on what was shared at this year’s NPSF Congress, go to


Transparent Health now has information on transparency in healthcare for the consumer! Three short film clips, approximately 5-7 minutes in length, can be viewed at Each clip focuses on nuances related to care, consumers may not fully understand. By viewing the clips, consumers can become a more educated partner in their own healthcare.

The first clip focuses on disclosure in the face of a medical error, as experts share with consumers their rights in the face of an adverse event. The second short film advises patients on the different providers involved in their care, and how to obtain the necessary information regarding their providers’ current level of training and the role that provider will play in the care of the patient. And finally, the third short film explains the differences experienced in care during the week, versus at night and over a weekend. Patients learn that staffing levels are different at night and on the weekends, as well as how best to manage their own care in the face of these differences.

Please view the short clips and provide comments. We want to know what you think, what you may want to learn more about and the questions you may have!


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