Moving too fast

Tonight, we were talking at happy hour about the case study presented by Gwen, with Gwen and some other students (some of my fellow UNC classmates). I mentioned I knew there was trouble when the physician “grabbed” the chart. This made me cringe, and I was thinking that we move too fast much of the time. How many pressures do you feel in a shift? It is so hard to not give in to those stresses.

I had seen the Lewis Blackman story previously when I was a training session with a HEN focused on Adverse Drug Events. Something that hit me this time was the administration of Ketoralac in spite of the black box warning. I can hear some of my colleagues saying something like “I didn’t know” or “I hadn’t read that research article, how would I have known?”. My answer to this is: ANYTIME you are about to administer, or order / prescribe, a medication, you should know 2 things: What is the intended effect? (Why am I giving this?) and What are the possible side effects?

I told Paul earlier that my head was just spinning with all of these ideas and thoughts. I can’t wait to hear more of the discussions tomorrow.



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