Reflections on Going Home

I have been interested in quality and safety since being personally harmed during a hospitalization many years ago. However, during medical school I’ve had some trouble finding students, faculty, and administrators that share my interest. Here at Telluride, I feel lucky to finally be surrounded by the faculty and colleagues that have such passion for patient safety.
While feeling lucky to attend this conference, I spend most of my reflective time wondering how to bring the education, ideas, and enthusiasm back to my home school to make meaningful change. Too often we attend an excellent meeting and come away with new concepts and empowering memories, but when we return home it is difficult to transform these into concrete change.  I look forward to designing/implementing my project this year and seeing other people do theirs. That way I know that stories like Carole’s or Helen’s will not only have had a personal influence on me, but have actually helped improve the care of the next generation of patients.

2 Responses to Reflections on Going Home

  1. I echo your feelings of returning home. I felt so emotional at the end of the meeting. One of the first things I plan to do is share the powerful patient and family stories with my colleagues. I believe their stories will plant seeds of change.

  2. Erin Smith says:

    I would agree. The family stories are very powerful and help me reflect on my own patient cares I have given and where I can improve let alone others where I work. I enjoyed watching the stories and bringing foward the potential areas for improvement within my facility. I want to say thank you to the parents that shared the stories, I can’t imagine the amount of courage to tell the story.

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