Telluride Patient Safety Roundtable Week 3: ENJOY!!!! #TPSER8

Telluride MorningIn an unprecedented way the Telluride Roundtable enters its third straight week of engaging learners in the importance of open, honest, and effective communication in health care. With students and faculty gathered from all over the country, this week’s activities hope to build on the two previous, very successful weeks here in the San Juan Mountains! Under brilliant blue skies and with near perfect weather conditions, the conversations will center on ways these futures leaders in health care can champion change within their own hospitals and clinics and beyond.

Introductions at Telluride Student Summer Camp

Unique to this week’s attendee roster: Students of Pharmacy and Law will join the Medical Students in the learning process. From the Patient Advocacy perspective, Helen Haskell – founder of Mothers Against Medical Error – will share her perspectives on patient safety, patient and family-centered care, and the critical importance of honesty during the informed consent process, as well as when health care causes harm.

With this backdrop, all attendees are poised to experience something very special this week – the third in a series of Telluride Patient Safety Roundtables in 2012.


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