Day 1

What an incredible first 24 hours in Telluride, not only did I meet some incredible people, but I also began to look at healthcare beyond 1 person and 1 family to one community and one city. Hospitals have incredible abilities to transform communities and touch the lives of many. We have a commitment as physicians to provide high quality care although there are many opportunities to make mistakes all the time. Amid all the distractions that surround us, we must try to stay focused for the subtle signs and rely closely on the physical exam to provide high quality care for patients. At the same time, we must do more to ensure mistakes aren’t repeated at different hospitals across the country. It seems that knowledge in hospitals is highly institutionalized and we must try to take the knowledge and apply it across institutions and state lines. I think this is the next steps we as a family of physicians must take to take our profession to the next level.


One Response to Day 1

  1. The CEO of Thedacare, Dr. Dean Gruner, says that we have two jobs as physicians: 1) to perform high quality care and 2) to continuously improve our work

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