Patient-centered Care Education (Shared Decision Making)

Our second day in Telluride finished with the residents watching the award-winning film The Faces of Medical Error…From Tears to Transparency: The Story of Michael Skolnik”. The educational film addresses the importance of informed consent versus shared decision-making conversations – an important aspect of open and honest communication in healthcare that is still lacking in many health systems. The film asks the question – Can a conversation change an outcome? Can a conversation save a life?”

After the film, the residents engaged in a two-hour conversation with faculty and safety leaders on issues related to informed consent and shared decision making. When Paul Levy asked the residents how much training they get on this topic, every resident in the room acknowledged this three-hour session on informed consent/shared decision making was more education than they have received during their entire medical school and residency training to date. A sad commentary on the current state of medical education in areas of patient centered care.


3 Responses to Patient-centered Care Education (Shared Decision Making)

  1. Dave, It’s quite remarkable that the residents reported that they had not learned about informed consent or shared decision making. It would be interesting to hear what the residents observed about how decisions on patient care were made.

  2. Barbie says:

    Everyone responded that they had some minimal training, but nothing this in depth. It is likely that there previous training was also not as useful.

  3. Denise Neal says:

    I am surprised to hear that residents do not receive extensive training in informed consent/decision making. Looking back on my career in nursing however, I can recall many pre-operative consent discussions that included little information about risks related to surgery/procedures. I heard many times “Don’t worry everything will be ok”. I look forward to hearing more next week in Telluride.

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