Teaching Transparency in Telluride

As transparency in health care begins to take root, remarkable and positive changes follow its adoption. Whether through the disclosure of medical error to patients and families or the public posting of hospital-acquired conditions, transparency is driving significant changes in behavior that improve the quality and safety of health care. In order for successful, transparent approaches to the prevention and response to patient harm to take root, education of our future health care providers and leaders becomes a critical imperative. To that end, the Eighth Annual 2012 Telluride Patient Safety Roundtable is training medical student and resident physician leaders from across the country in the identification and implementation of strategies, methods and tools  for the adoption and implementation of open, honest, and effective communication in the health care settings to which they will return.

This week will be emotionally and intellectually challenging for all participants as cases of patient harm, their causes, and solutions are discussed. At every step the focus will remain on communication skills and how important those skills are in the quest to improve quality, safety and transparency.


One Response to Teaching Transparency in Telluride

  1. Christopher Smith says:

    It’s been great talking with my colleagues from around the country to get their perspective and experience on patient safety. While there are certainly institutional and regional specific issues, it’s clear that some issues are near-universal. Problems of poor communication, hierarchy, and other engrained aspects of healthcare culture affect all of us (and our patients). I look forward to learning more from everyone!

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