Future Caregivers, Law Students and Patient Advocates Join Forces to Create Curricular Models For Open Honest Communication in Healthcare

The final day of our Telluride Roundtable on “Open and Honest Communication Skills in Healthcare” focused on reflection of the past weeks work and next steps in how best to disseminate the outcomes and products created from our work. One of the special highlights of the Roundtable was the interactions, conversations, sharing and bonding that occurred between our students and our patient advocates during the week. Students told us how they were so positively impacted by the advocate’s willingness to share their stories related to medical error, their passion to help educate, and their continued commitment to making care safer for all of us. Working with, and getting to know, patient safety advocate leaders Helen Haskell, Patty Skolnik, Dan Ford, Carole Hemmelgarn and Rosemary Gibson over the course of the week left lasting impressions on all the students. Both students and advocates identified a number of projects they will collaboratively move forward in the weeks to come.

Over the next few weeks, we will be pulling together all the work completed during the past week and will begin posting consensus curricular models developed by participants on open and honest communication skills in healthcare. We hope the curricular models presented will generate important conversation by visitors to our blog and lead to possible implementation of these models into health systems and health science schools.


2 Responses to Future Caregivers, Law Students and Patient Advocates Join Forces to Create Curricular Models For Open Honest Communication in Healthcare

  1. This was a new kind of Telluride roundtable. The presence of the students and the representatives of diverse health-related disciplines engendered a remarkable synergy around the theme of open and honest communication and I think created a novel educational experience. I can’t say enough in praise of our hardworking core faculty and I look forward to continuing the conversation over the year.


  2. Lynn Parry says:

    Returning from a week in the mountains with interprofessional team building, dedicated patient advocates and professionals anxious to push the envelope on open and honest communication– it was a splash of cold water to go to the Colorado Medical Society’s Board Meeting on Friday. These are caring physicians who are sensitive to the needs of patients. But the fear and anxiety about health care reform and what that may mean to their survival is palpable. We need to be mindful that increased stress lessens the ability to listen: we may be facing a period of increased risk to patients and providers alike.
    Patient safety and open and honest communication is not a time-unlimited, take-home test. It is 60% of your grade and done during a fire alarm.
    I have no answers, just challenges. Yet.

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